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Canine Country Inc.
(formerly The Canine Clipper)
  All Breed Grooming

Canine Country is happy to offer the following services:
  * Styling
  * Bathing
  * Nail clipping
  * Anal sac expression 
  * Ear cleaning and hair removal

Add on services offered:

  *Nails filed - $10 - to get them shorter, smoother & rounder

  *Fresh Breath Treatment - $10 - greenie included

  *Healthy Skin & Coat Treatment - $15 - for all over shine and condition

Each dog is groomed based on breed styling standards, owner preferences, and coat condition. 

Pricing varies depending on breed, style, coat condition, and desired services. 


Appointments are required. 


For more information, pricing, or an appointment please use the Contact Us page.


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