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Human Companion Only Boarding


Current Add-On Services

(love always included!)

EXTRA One-on-One Playtime $5 - Your dog will enjoy an additional session of one-on-one time with one of our pet care team. We will learn what activities make your pup happiest (frisbee, ball play, chase, hide and seek, agility, etc.) and will strive to give him or her the exercise and fun time needed to stay happy and healthy. One of these may be added daily and are in addition to the 4 times in the yard included.

Long Country Walk $10 - One of our wonderful pet care team will take your dog on an adventure of new sights and smells in and around our "neighborhood". Whether we hike to the pond, through the woods, or up the drive and through the fields your pup will thoroughly enjoy his or her special exercise and sniff time. One of these can be accommodated/day. Ability to walk well on leash is required.

Is your dog not really the dog social type?  Would he or she prefer a long country walk to playtime with friends?  Many dogs just don't do well with other dogs.  We've got them covered too!

All of our same great amenities (outside time in the yard, toys, late night/early morning bathroom times, Kuranda beds, always lots of love and cuddles and more) are also given to our guests who prefer only humans.  

With this option, all dogs get 4 outside times in the yard each day or more. Because of the extra one-on-one care, the base rate is $70/day and you can create your dog's own unique day with a la carte add ons.  You know what your dog enjoys so if there is something else we can do to make your pet's stay amazing just let us know!  

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